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Mastering in Pro Tools (with stock plugins)

In this tutorial I describe how to master an audio track for CD replication in Pro Tools utilizing Pro Tools' stock plugins. I also show a technique of PRINTING a stereo mix to an audio track in ProTools instead of Bouncing to Disk.

Pro Tools 101: Setting Up A Print Track

In this tutorial I show how to set up a session for a print track which allows you to send a stereo track through an effects chain for mixing and/or mastering and rendering those effects onto a stereo print track.

Studio Videos

Day of Awakening • Decay (Official Video)

This is the music video for the Day of Awakening single "Decay" off of the upcoming (early 2020) LP Return to Me.

Hybrid Mixing (Part 1)

In this episode of ITM, Brian shows how to set up the Soundcraft Signature Series mixer with Pro Tools and how to get a tracking session started. He also shows how to mix back though the console to print a true hybrid mixing sum.

Hybrid Mixing (Part 2)

In this episode of ITM, Brian shows how to mix a multi-track session through the Soundcraft Signature series console using both digital plugins as well as mixing on the console to create a hybrid print track.

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